the first step

“A giant pine tree grows from a tiny seed. The journey of a thousand miles starts beneath your feet.”

Shannon here. I’ve been thinking about writing a lot, and improving my skills. Throughout grade school and college I would rarely get better than a C on my papers. I feel uncomfortable slowing down my thoughts, finding the perfect word to paint my perspective. Gah, even now I have multiple sentences zipping through my head, trying to come up with one that fits most. Merrr I just want to write what’s in my head, get the flow going. You could say that’s one reason I started this blog.

Another reason I started this blog is because… drum roll pleaassee…….

I’m backpacking Europe solo dolo in May! Dundundunnn 😀 I want to map my perspective as I hop around the world. Creating and cherishing memories on a blog. My blog 😉

I feel like wise words come to my mind, and I’d love to share them. My writing, though, is a bit all over the place… for now. Practice makes habit ;D I will get better! That’s why I’m here 🙂




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