those summer nights

things are escalating in my life

and then i hear summer nights by iration

“wastin timmmee, thinking bout those summer nights”

brings me back to summer 2015 on Captain Kutner’s boat. I remember the slight full moon rising, swinging in the hammock strapped off the sail, listening to the exact song, laughing, taking in the moment, floating on the water with good friends. Ahh, the good ol’ days.

but then the good ol’ days are today as well.

through the sad, mad times, comes the happy and the sappy. We don’t even realize these days will be the ones to take in because its so in the moment.

sure you think to yourself at times, “damn ima miss this” but most of the time, you don’t realize how much.

until 2 years later and you’re like “daaaayyuummm dude remember when…”

songs like these bring me back; allow me to pause a moment and reminisce. IMG_4784_Fotor.jpg


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